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Bloomy, much more than a yoga outfit for kids

At Bloomy, we create clothing that goes beyond simple functionality. Our children's collections are designed to encourage physical activity, while being comfortable and fashionable, whether for yoga, dance, gymnastics or simply for the pleasure of movement. Our commitment to sustainable fashion is evident in our choice of innovative materials, such as recycled fishing nets, transformed into high-quality fabrics for our garments.

Le Bon Maintien: Comfort and Support at the Heart of Our Creations

Comfort and support are essential in our children's yoga outfits. Each piece is designed to offer optimal support, ensuring that children remain focused on their activity, unhindered by their clothing. Whether it's a children's dance outfit or a gym suit, quality support remains a top priority, while ensuring that these garments are ethically and sustainably manufactured.

Inspiring Colors

We believe in the power of color to influence mood and motivation. That's why our collections feature soft, soothing colors, ideal for creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and concentration. By choosing hues that resonate with young minds, we contribute to an environment where they can feel comfortable and confident.

For All Ages: From Precocious Child to Teenager

Our clothes are designed to be trendy and attractive for all ages, from toddlers to tweens. They offer a chance for kids to emulate their moms in their wellness activities, while having their own unique style. At Bloomy, we celebrate young individuals who like to express their personality through their outfits, providing them with clothing options that are both modern and environmentally friendly.

An Eco-responsible and Sustainable Choice

We are proud to offer an eco-responsible alternative in the world of children's fashion. Our garments are made in short circuits, guaranteeing quality manufacturing at a fair price. This approach enables us to create clothing that won't wear out after a few sports lessons, but will last a long time, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. By choosing Bloomy, parents are taking a step towards a greener future for their children.

Creating a Unique and Responsible Style

We encourage children to develop their own style, far from the diktats of the big sports brands. Our collections offer a fresh, playful alternative to the often dark or overly colorful designs of other brands, while remaining true to our eco-responsible principles. At Bloomy, every child can find his or her own unique style in a range of clothing that values personal expression and environmental responsibility.

The Bloomy Community: a childhood of well-being

Joining the Bloomy community means choosing a childhood focused on well-being and the creation of healthy, sustainable habits. We encourage children to move, explore and thrive in a positive and supportive environment. Our mission is to provide clothing that not only accompanies them in their daily activities, but also helps educate them about the importance of caring for their environment and their own well-being.


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