Well-being and environmental health are intimately linked. Well-being is defined as a pleasant state of mind and body, and this means living in a clean, harmonious environment, caring for our surroundings, protecting the nature that allows us to exist, and worrying about the well-being of others and future generations.

We are committed to creating eco-responsible products to preserve our planet and offer our customers sustainable options. We believe in a future where fashion can be both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Fabrics and sourcing

We attach great importance to the choice of fabrics we use in our products. We prefer natural and/or recycled materials that are durable and suitable for children.

To source our raw materials, we work closely with certified suppliers who share our ethical and environmental values. We ensure that our fabrics are produced responsibly, respecting quality and sustainability standards.

Spotlight on Econyl®.

ECONYL® yarn is a 100% regenerated nylon fiber, made from polluting nylon waste such as fishing nets recovered from the oceans.
Thanks to a regeneration and purification process, ECONYL® recycled nylon achieves the same purity as fossil-based nylon, and can be recycled ad infinitum without loss of quality.

This revolutionary fiber has a considerably lower environmental impact than traditional nylon, helping to combat climate change. In fact, ECONYL® nylon reduces its impact on global warming by up to 90% compared with petroleum-based materials.
In addition to its sustainable aspect, fabrics made with ECONYL® yarn offer numerous advantages.

Thanks to their two-way stretch, they adapt perfectly to the body, offering an optimal fit. These fabrics also offer good thermal protection, odor control, opacity and UV protection.

Workshops in France and Portugal

Our products are manufactured in our workshops in France and Portugal. We are proud to support the local textile industry by favoring production as close to home as possible. This enables us to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting transport distances and supporting the local economy.
We work with skilled, passionate craftsmen who put all their know-how into creating our products. We ensure that working conditions are fair and respectful of all workers involved in the manufacture of our garments.

Sustainable Yoga mats

In addition to our children's clothing, we also offer a range of sustainable yoga mat . Bloomy yoga mats are made from natural rubber (not from the Amazon rainforest), without PVC, toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes, and are suitable for most people allergic to latex (very low percentage). Natural rubber provides good stability on the floor and is a very durable material.
- The natural suede that covers our mats is extremely soft and provides excellent grip for added safety.
- Printing is done using water-based inks, making it eco-friendly and non-toxic.
Most mats made from natural rubber or TPE are currently only produced in Asia, with Europe producing only PVC (Germany) or cork (Portugal). We have selected our suppliers with the utmost care: all our products are certified SGS (French organization, world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification auditing the presence of latex and toxic substances), REACH (a European regulation which came into force in 2007 to secure manufacturing) and CPC (American certificate certifying that the product can be used by children).

Packaging ecological

We understand the importance of minimizing our impact on the planet, even in the smallest details. That's why we use environmentally-friendly packaging to ship our products. Our packaging is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, reducing plastic waste and helping to preserve the environment.