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The Fashion Gap: Dressing the Pre-Teen Dilemma

The fashion world is constantly evolving, with new trends, styles and collections emerging every season.

However, one age group is often overlooked by major brands: pre-teens. Aged between 9 and 12, these youngsters are neither really children, nor really teenagers. They're in the midst of a transition, in terms of both body shape and personality. Yet it's surprising how limited the clothing options are for this age group.

The challenges of pre-teen fashion

Pre-teens are going through a delicate period in their lives. Their bodies are changing rapidly, and they are beginning to develop their own sense of identity and style. However, most brands tend to categorize these young people as either children or teenagers. The result? Clothes that don't always match their morphology or taste.

It's not uncommon for pre-teens to feel uncomfortable in clothes that seem to be designed for younger children or, conversely, for older teenagers. Childish patterns or overly mature cuts may not match the image they wish to project. What's more, finding the right clothes for them can be a real headache for parents.

A special offer for pre-teens: filling the gap

Faced with this challenge, some brands have begun to recognize the potential of the pre-teen market and offer collections specifically tailored to their needs.

It's essential to create garments that take into account the unique morphology of pre-teens, while offering modern, trendy designs. These young people want to express their personality and style through their clothes, while at the same time feeling comfortable and confident.

The Athleisure trend, an ideal solution for pre-teens

Athleisure, a style at the crossroads of sportswear and ready-to-wear, is emerging as the perfect answer to the challenges of pre-adolescent fashion. This trend, which values comfort without sacrificingaesthetics, perfectly matches the needs of young people in search of identity and practicality in their clothing. Active and constantly evolving, pre-teens find in athleisure an essential freedom of movement, while expressing a modern, casual style.

The Bliss collection for all ages and body shapes

At Bloomy, we've taken this mission to heart, designing our first collection, Bliss, specifically to embrace the needs of all ages, and especially those of pre-teens. Our designs combine fashion and comfort, offering versatile options ideal for sports, get-togethers with friends, or simply feeling good about yourself every day. Bliss is the result of deep reflection on the importance of allowing every young person to express themselves freely and confidently.

An Eco-responsible commitment

Our commitment goes beyond mere aesthetics - Bloomy takes a firm stand in favor of sustainability, aware that today's young people are tomorrow's defenders of our planet. Our choice of materials, such as the use of ECONYL® - a nylon regenerated from waste recovered from the oceans - illustrates our desire to reduce theenvironmental impact of fashion. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our garments offer features adapted to the needs of young people, such as lightness, softness and UV protection, while promoting ecological awareness.

Discover our first Bliss Collection !

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